Video sharing website Dailymotion had more than 85 million usernames and password stolen, according to

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Gooligan targets security holes in older versions of Android in order to access account data and download apps without user permission.

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Internet outages were traced to an Internet of Things botnet malware ‘Mirai’. ‘Smart’ tech was manipulated to overload a popular web service with traffic.

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Priority One Canine did not get a deal on Shark Tank but nonetheless, has experienced explosive growth.

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What kind of technology are they using in Sochi to keep the Olympians safe?

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The most common password was “123456.”

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Snapchat has revealed that they have given law enforcement dozens of unopened messages when these agencies ask for them. Here’s what you need to know.

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The plot would involve filling an implant with an explosive liquid and injecting a catalyst liquid into it.

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The flaw was discovered by security firm Lookout and was quickly repaired

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Ambushed in an airport, Steve Wozniak delivers an anti-government speech about spying, caught on video.

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Twitter unveiled a new two step account verification process designed to protect profiles after numerous hacking attempts.

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An Iowa newspaper is getting flak for publishing a map of schools that lack security in the state.

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