Not all selfie sticks are created equal. Here are 10 solid options.

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It’s the Golden Globes and celebrities are getting ready to head to the red carpet and then the awards ceremony. Check out all the selfies they’ve posted!

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2014 was the year of the selfie. Check out the most famous and iconic ones featuring Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars, President Obama, and Steven Swanson in space!

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One Direction was on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight to take the “cutest” selfie and to give a candid interview. Check it out.

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In this segment from an Arabic news station, we see a man being interviewed. But what everyone is really watching is the action going on in the background.

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This girl at a pool wants the perfect selfie to share with friends on social media. But the extent she goes to get that perfect pose is laughable to watch.

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A father driving his daughter somewhere noticed a serious selfie-sesh happening in his back seat and decided he had to film it.

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As TV actors prepare for their big night, many of the cast members of the most famous shows have been getting ready for the red carpet together—with selfies.

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While attending the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Queen Elizabeth photobombed Australian hockey team member Jayde Taylor while she was taking a selfie.

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Imgur users got together to host a “MS Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls”, a la “Titanic.” Users submitted selfies and other users drew them. The results are hysterical.

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During Belgium’s federal elections this past weekend, voters took the booths to vote and share funny selfies of themselves voting. Check out the funniest here.

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Alex Chacon runs a blog called The Modern Motorcycle Diaries where he tells about his world travels to 36+ countries. Check out his GoPro pics from the trip.

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Imgur-user mollyImalone was having a selfie sesh with a friend when an uninvited arachnid dropped into the photo frame. The camera catches the freak out.

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Miley Cyrus loves showing skin, so of course, there are new topless Instagram selfies to enjoy.

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Obsessed with taking selfies? Use your phone for videoconferencing? These are the phones you need to own.

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It’s the 2014 Kids Choice Awards and we’ve got all the most awesome photos from the show right here.

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