Sex And The City 2 Review

Because I would do anything for you, I sat through two and a half hours of Sex And The City 2. The least you can do is read my review.

Full Release: Movies

Two zombie movies hit in one week – Survival of the Dead and… Sex And The City 2. Plus Prince Of Persia and more.

2010 Summer Movie Guide

Get the complete rundown on all the major movies hitting theaters this summer so you can decide which ones to line up for and which ones to skip.

Sex and the City 2 Trailer

Yeah this is the trailer for Sex and the City 2. Just think of it as an excuse to know your enemy in case you get forced to see it or to see some boobs.

Sex And The City 2 Poster Is An Abomination

Okay, I put the whole thing under the jump for you so you wouldn’t have to look at it, but what the fudge is this shin? Are American women still under the spell of that atrocious harpy Carrie Bradshaw and her three friends?