A single mother from Long Island is accused of having sex in public with a Texas man.

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English politician Simon Danczuk may have destroyed his political career for this 17-year-old college student.

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A 49-year-old British politician has been suspended by his party after he texted a 17-year-old girl asking her if she wanted a “spanking.”

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These toys for adults can be used solo, or brought into the bedroom to spice things up with your lover.

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With her boyfriend involved in one of soccer’s biggest ever sex scandal, will Mathieu Valbuena’s wife stand by her man?

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Just a few days after the world was captivated by Zola the stripper’s insane story about hooking in Florida, one of the characters “White Bitch Jessica,” says the whole story is make believe.

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Mack says he signed up to do a straight-porno but after drinking a vodka and taking a pill, the movie turned gay.

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According to her interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mallory Santic believes the most impressive thing she’s ever done was to cheat on her boyfriend without him knowing.

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A woman claimed on Jimmy Kimmel to have cheated on her boyfriend with a man matching the description of Tampa Bay hockey star Tyler Johnson. Meet Mallory Santic.

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A refugee from Syria currently residing at a migrant camp in Germany said during an interview that his testicles were too big and that he needed to have sex.

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Is this the woman who broke up the Alabama governor’s 50 year marriage?

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A group of hackers say they have data from the 37 million users of a website that encourages people to cheat on their wives and husbands.

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A Miami cop has admitted to being a porn star before she became an officer. Now her previous life is being made public.

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#1 porn site PornHub developed a “twerking butt” sex toy and released a funny commercial to advertise it. Watch the NFSW video here and find out where to buy it.

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About two dozen students at Crane High School in Texas has The Clap and now the district must look at its policy on sex ed, which preaches abstinence.

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It’s International Masturbation Month and what better way to educate yourself about masurbating than with these funny and clever quotes about sex with yourself.

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