AdultFriendFinder users woke up to unwelcome news that the sex hook-up website had been hacked. More than 300 million accounts were affected.

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The sequel to Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL, is out on July 3, 2015. The plot involves a stripping convention, and most of the original cast returns.

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Spornosexuals are next-generation metrosexuals. Here’s what you need to know about the new term.

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These iPhone and Android apps are great ways to learn some sex tips.

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We’ve rounded up our top five picks for the best sex apps on iPhone and Android. Grab these apps this June, and get ready for a very steamy summer.

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These are the best sex apps for iPhone and Android.

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Buff Bagwell is now available on the Gigolo market.

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Pornostagram is the “dirty” version of Instagram that everyone is obsessed with. Want is Pornostagram all about?

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New Snowden leaks reveal that the GCHQ and NSA program Optic Nerve takes screenshots during Yahoo webcam video chats.

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There is finally a reason to buy Google Glass.

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Ever wonder how often a stripper pole is cleaned? Or even how to ask a stripper out? An ex-stripper on Reddit gave the inside scoop into the biz behind taking your clothes off for money.

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The couple were arguing about space aliens. Of course.

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Woodward has written a tell-all book on having a scary tryst with Eliot Spitzer and being asked to work undercover in New York.

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Bollaert operated the website and

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She’s a high-powered lawyer who represents a-listers but she’s slumming and dating a government employee.

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Bianca Levin has been named by Page Six as the secret girlfriend of Cory Booker.

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