The best thing about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge charity campaign? Girls get wet! And usually, in swimsuits! So check out the hot girls being charitable!

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Christy Mack is the Porn Star ex-girlfriend of wanted MMA fighter Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver. Click through to see photos of the sex icon prior to the assault.

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Check out the sexiest girls in the hottest costumes attending Comic Con in San Diego this year and shared on Twitter on Instagram.

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Kaley Cuoco plays the lovable Penny on The Big Bang Theory. As the cast goes to Comic Con, there’s talk they’re asking for 1K an episode starting in Season 8.

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Alix Catherine Tichelman has been charged with the murder of a Google exec. See the sexiest photos of this alleged high-end call girl.

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Check out the 20 hottest photos of girls rocking the Canadian flag to celebrate a Happy Canada Day.

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Danielle Fishel returns as Topanga Matthews on new series Girl Meets World. Check out her hottest photos.

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Meet the better half of the NBA’s top new prospect.

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It’s Ariana Grande’s 21st birthday and we’re celebrating with her 20 hottest photos. Send Ariana some birthday love by checking them all out.

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Meet Imgur-user crackheadfreeze, the real Snow White. While posing for some pictures in a sexy dress, she was joined by 2 rodents after bribing them with nuts.

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Sexy model Brooke Burns premieres as host of reality show Motor City Masters tonight. Check out her hottest pics.

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Deutschland. Germany. Whatever you call it, their soccer (or football) fans are smoking hot. Check out the most sexy Deutsch fan girls in jerseys and less!

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Colombian girls are rocking bikinis and short skirts in red, yellow, and blue to celebrate their soccer team! Check out the sexiest fans from Colombia here!

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World Cup hotties are still in the stands! Check out the sexiest girls from around the world that are in Brazil to celebrate soccer’s big day with bikinis!

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Vanessa Huppenkothen is the World Cup reporter with Televisa who everyone is going crazy for. See her hottest pics to see why she’s taking focus from the game.

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South Korea played Russia yesterday, and the South Korean fans were smoking hot. Check out the sexiest South Korean fans.

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