Shay Maria’s California Christmas

Didn’t get that sleek, shiny fandoozler that you wanted so badly this year? That’s tough. Perhaps some holiday cheer from Shay Maria will suffice. It worked for the Grinch.

Shay Maria’s Up to No Good

I’m just gonna throw it out there that you may want to lock the door before watching the lovely Shay Maria roll around on the carpet. At the very least, draw the curtains. Shay’s up to trouble…

The 20 Hottest Photos of Shay Maria

People are blessed with certain talents and features. Shay Maria just so happens to be extra blessed with one, err two particular features and we’ve got her 20 hottest photos to prove it.

10 Hottest Photos Of Shay Maria

This brunette bombshell is part Chilean, German, and Irish. Chalk up a point for international relations! Here are the 10 hottest photos of her.