Street Fighter X Tekken: The Devil Within

In this Street Fighter / Tekken short film, Ken comes to the rescue of Ryu as he battles his inner demons, as well as Tekken devil Kazuya Mishima. Always good to have a homie around when you need’em.

Halo: The Fallen Fan Film

There’s no shortage of gaming fan films online, and this Halo fan flick ranks up among the better ones. With tight writing, plenty of action, and better than average special effects, it’s definitely a crowd pleaser for even the modest Halo fan. And would you believe it was done for only about $200?

Fresh Guac

Director PES makes the most unusual, yet delicious looking guacamole you’ve ever seen. Somebody pass the chips and get me a mojito asap.

Your Hangover is Charles

Chances are you’ve met Charles at least once, maybe multiple times. He likes his music loud and has a natural talent for making your head feel like it’s about to explode. Damn you, Charles.

Halo: Archetype Teaser Trailer

We’ve seen a couple of Halo fan flicks already, so let’s throw one more on top of the pile. The indie film makers may not have the Michael Bay money, but when the quality looks this slick to begin with, who cares?

Uncharted Blood Lines

The accents are a little over the top, but overall the Nathan Drank fan film isn’t half bad. Consider it a preview of the Hollywood flick that’s sure to follow.

Your Move

Chess can be a dangerous game, especially when your opponent knows your every move and has a murderous streak. Play it safe, switch to solitaire.

He Said, She Said

Dan seems to have hit the jackpot with his beautiful blind date, that is until she opens her mouth. From that point on it’s just a question of self loathing, self hate, or self love.

Drunk Day

When you’re an alcoholic with multiple personality disorder, every day is a non-stop party. Unfortunately, you’re the only one at the party which means things can get a little strange.