The Master Cleanse

In this short, a young couple discovers that relationships are like the human body, sometimes they just need a bit of a flush to get all the toxins out.


He’s a hard drinkin’, crime fightin’, gun shootin’ dog who’s out to kick ass and has a fondness for milk-bones. Think John McClane, only with paws.

Jedi Ninjas

Ninjas + Jedi light sabers, this just may be the extinction of all mankind as we know it, or the most awesome thing in the history of the universe. It could go either way.

James Bond’s Golden Years

Bingo night and tapioca pudding don’t carry the same excitement as saving the world from criminal masterminds and bedding gorgeous chicks on the reg.

Walter White’s Shorts

Bryan Cranston takes a break from cooking up the blue meth to present his shorts as part of the L.A. Comedy Shorts film festival.

Top 20 Five Second Films, Part 2

Check out this supercut of 5 second films that clocks in at barley over three minutes. Just don’t blink or you’ll miss one. Hold up, never mind that, multiple viewings are going to be in order here.

Ninja Gaiden Fan Flick

Aside from following the original NES game rather faithfully, it looks like Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly, but isn’t nearly as stupid as those two flicks.