Snack Bar From Hell

Check out this movie snack bar advertisement that starts out with a wholesome retro feel, but soon descends into something of a Stanley Kubrick-ish hell ride.

The Flintstones in Stop Motion

Here’s your fix of nostalgia for the day: a classic rendition of The Flintstones done in stop motion. It’s good to see Fred’s still got that killer bowling arm.


I’m not going to try and explain this animated short too much, let’s just say this dude is really pissed off at a pinata and his entire body happens to be a fist. You could say he’s got anger issues.

A Great Catch

Looking for love can be difficult and sometimes a lady has to get creative. That may or may not involve posing as an underage girl to attract older men off the Internet. The Chris Hansen cameo adds a nice touch.

Body Boys: Legend of the Pipers

Tim & Eric give us the the saga of Body Boys, just some good kids who revolutionized the sport of body surfing. Think Endless Summer, with a lot more awkwardness.

Breakfast Banditos

A few guys take the term “complimentary breakfast” to mean that they can walk into the hotel lobby and clean it out like they’re emptying a bank safe. Can’t say I blame them, free doughnuts are hard to resist.

Black Widow Gone Wild

So here’s the skinny, this badass stop motion short shows Black Widow kicking the asses of different male action figures like nobody’s business. Not to mention, the music is pretty rockin’ too.