Animator Vs. Animation

This video came out a few years ago, but it’s worth a watch if you missed it then. An animator goes to battle withe the very cartoon he was creating.

The Burger Kreep

This animated short shows that regardless of how much you may love whoppers, the BK King is straight up creepy with those dead eyes and plastic grin. Beware the van, kids.

Knockout Girlfriend

Sometimes women can make some strange requests of their partners. One man turns to his best buddy to help out with his female dilemma.

Fight Club In 60 Seconds

This remake of the cult classic was done for a fake film festival in Vancouver and compacts the twisted storyline into just one minute. Tyler Durden would approve.

3 Minutes

This short thriller is sure to be one of the coolest vids you’ll see all day. One man has three minutes to complete a mission before, well… you’ll see.

Thumbs Up For Graphic Violence

One part action flick, one part video game and one part graphic artist’s acid trip, this short is probably the most creative video I’ve seen all week. The cheesy 80′s game music is just an added bonus.

Paths Of Flight

GE Aviation shares the intricate choreography of flying by capturing all the take-offs and landings over the course of one day at Oakland and Kelowna airports. See the hidden beauty of flight.