Kennedy Douglas, a morgue attendant in Cincinnati, admitted in court to having sex with over 100 female corpses. Douglas would smoke crack before committing the acts.

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Matthew Durham Text Messages

In shocking new developments, Matthew Durham, a missionary accused of raping orphans, texted a friend to tell him he had a demon inside of him named “Luke.”

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Charles Mozdir Mug shot

Charles Mozdir, an accused child molester, had been on the run for two years before cops finally caught up with him in a bloody shootout in Manhattan’s West Village.

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Isidro Garcia Facebook

Isidro Garcia is accused of kidnapping, sexually abusing, impregnating and marrying the daughter of his ex-girlfriend over a 10-year period.

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Jeremi Alicea is the nephew of Ariel Castro who has been indicted on charged of downloading child porn. Here’s what you need to know.

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In December, Loskarn was arrested on charges of possessing child porn.

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Chris Pagano has been arrested by cops in Philadelphia accused of being the ‘Swiss Cheese Pervert.’ Pagano was arrested in Norristown.

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Janaie Jones is the transgender performer who is accused of torturing and murdering 4-year-old Myls Dobson while she was babysitting him.

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Meanwhile, another cop in his district is accused of pimping teen girls.

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Child-killer Austin Sigg’s horrifying confession video has been released.

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Fernando and Sophia Richter are charged with holding their three daughters hostage for two years while also sexually abusing them.

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Lostprophets lead singer Ian Watkins pleaded guilty to being a pedophile and to sexually assaulting a baby. Watkins also admitted child porn charges.

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