Watch skateboarding legend Tony Hawk take a ride on the world’s first real hoverboard, at the Hendo Hoverboard warehouse.

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There’s a real hoverboard on Kickstarter, and it can be yours for $10,000.

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A skateboarder on Prescott’s highside is thankful he was wearing a helmet after smashing his head into the ground in what could have been a fatal crash.

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9-year-old Sabre Norris of New South Wales, Australia has been practicing her vertical 540° all day. Watch what happens when she finally sticks it.

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Florida dad Marcus Crossland grew impatient with his young son taking too long to go down a half-pipe so he kicked him off it. An onlooker got it on video.

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If you’ve got it you’ve got it.

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Dr. Emmett Brown and Tony Hawk agree: The future is here.

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Most skateparks don’t have helicopters on stand-by, but Bob’s does.

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These 20 skater girls aren’t afraid to grind.

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New Microsoft head Steven Sinofsky turns the new tablet PC into a skateboard and tweets pictures of himself riding it.

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“Bake and Destroy” must be one damn exciting flick.

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Austyn Gillette hits the ground rolling as he cruises through L.A.’s east-side and downtown in this short film by Quiksilver.

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A skateboard racer, flying downhill at 65 miles per hour, slammed into a deer in Sunday’s “Downhill Bloodspill” race, giving new meaning to the race’s name.

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Bar Refaeli isn’t gonna like this one bit.

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Heath Kirchart makes concrete his b*tch and slams his body to the ground repeatedly to land the perfect trick. Somebody’s gonna need an ice pack… and a hip replacement.

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They would invite him to the X-Games, but he kept pooping all over the halfpipe.

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