Kayak Skydiving

There are easier ways to get your kayak down to the river than jumping out of a helicopter, but they’re not nearly as much fun.

Felix Baumgartner Prepares to Skydive From Space

Austrian extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos team are making the final preparations for their attempt to break Colonel Joe Kittinger’s 52-year-old record by free falling 120,000 feet from a balloon in the stratosphere.

Experience Freedom

Experience the sensation of free fall and human flight in this beautiful short film featuring some of the world’s best skydive, base jumping and wingsuit athletes in some of the most amazing and scenic locations in the world.

No Parachute Freefall

Unless you’re as a skilled as this skydiver, I’d put the parachute on before you jump out of a plane.

BASE Jumping From A Paraglider

A couple of adrenaline junkies are towed skyward in a paraglider attached to a truck driving down an airport runway. Why? So they can BASE jump. Next question.

Front Door Skydiving

Ever needed a parachute for a beer run? Neither have we, but if we did it would certainly give a quick trip down to the corner market a much bigger adrenaline rush.

Nerves Of Steel

Check out this fantastically shot POV video of several skydivers base jumping off a cliff. …kinda makes that balcony jump from your hotel room into the pool seem lame.