Kiwi is still ironing out this whole mouth-eye-coordination thing.

6 months ago Comment

Life is like an assorted gallery of slo-mo GIFs: awesome.

8 months ago Comment

I could stare at this for hours and I’m completely sober … well, sober-ish. Anyway, this is what every Saturday needs.

1 year ago Comment

Tired of the standard tennis game? The Slow Mo Guys have a solution, set those balls on fire with a little gasoline.

2 years ago Comment

Generally speaking, riding your motorbike through an inferno isn’t a good idea, but when you shoot it in slow motion, man, does it look freaking sweet!

2 years ago Comment

Incredible footage from the Enduropale Touquet 2011, a motocross race held in Northern France, on the deep sands bordering the Straits of Dover. Looks like a real beach.

2 years ago Comment

A pass on a Motocross bike is usually a blur, exhaust note and a cloud of dirt, but when the action is slowed down, you see the nuances of man atop machine.

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