Speed Racer: Race for Revenge, Part 2

On the 15 year anniversary Danger Pass race, the tragic Melange car mysteriously appears in the race seeking revenge on anyone who was involved in that ill-fated race – including the innocent Speed Racer. And the Three Roses team is out to get Speed too!

Speed Racer: Race For Revenge, Part 1

It’s been 15 years since the Danger Pass Race in which the driver of the super powerful X3 Melange racing car was deliberately forced into a fatal crash by the Three Roses Club. In the anniversary race, the X3 Melange mysteriously appears for revenge.

Speed Racer: Challenge of the Masked Racer, Part 2

There’s excitement in the air over the big Trans Country Race. But when word gets around that the mysterious, unbeatable Masked Racer is competing, everyone knows there will be trouble in the conclusion of “Challenge of the Masked Racer.” Watch the full episode from 1967.