Spike Lee is known for being a New York Knicks super fan. But his wife, Tonya Lewis Lee, has made a name for herself as well.

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“Life Imitates Art – Imitates Life” – Spike Lee.

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Celebrate Alfred Hitchock’s birthday today with some weird facts, scary quotes, strange photos, and frightening movie clips in our Top 20 Celebratory Tweets.

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A $5,000 “blood” donation buys you an associate producer credit.

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Spike Lee debuts his trailer for Oldboy, one of the greatest Asian thrillers ever, with star Josh Brolin.

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Alyssa Milano, Bella Thorne, Jeffrey Ross, Albert Brooks, Rihanna, Pam Grier, and so many other celebrities share their prayers for Nelson Mandela on Twitter.

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Omar Epps and Tupac Shakur star in this rough-edged yet brutally honest tale of four Harlem youths on the brink of going down a very dark path.

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Nothing can raise Oscar’s golden eyebrows quite like a good biopic. In celebration of Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar, which features Leonardo DiCaprio as the first director of the FBI, here are a few biography films featuring other fiery, passionate men available as instant history lessons on Netflix.

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