On tonight’s Mistresses, Savi enlists her friends to help pack up her home and Joss schemes to keep Harry in the U.S. in the episode “An Affair to Surrender.”

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rizzoli & isles, the best laid plans, tnt

On tonight’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles, a wealthy woman with terminal cancer is murdered. Maura doubts her scientific mind when she meets a new man.

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mistresses, jason george, alyssa milano, abc

On tonight’s episode of Mistresses, Savi introduces Zack to Dominic and Jess becomes jealous of Scott’s plastic surgeon patients. April discovers the truth about Daniel’s redheaded woman.

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24, 24 live another day, 24 lad, jack bauer, kiefer sutherland

On tonight’s finale of 24: Live Another Day, Jack hunts down Cheng Zhi to obtain the override device and prove the U.S. didn’t order the attack on the Chinese.

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24, 24 live another day, 24 lad, 24 finale, jack bauer

In the finale of 24: Live Another Day, Jack Bauer rushes to find Cheng Zi and obtain the override device before the Chinese retaliate against the U.S.

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the leftovers, Christopher Eccleston, episode 3

On tonight’s episode of The Leftovers, the Rev. Matthew Jamison takes center stage as he tries to care for his comatose wife and raise money to save his church in “Two Boats and a Helicopter.”

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