On March 25th’s episode of Arrow, Diggle and Layla get married, but the Suicide Squad breaks up their honeymoon.

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On the March 25 episode of Arrow, Diggle and Lyla get married, and there is an interruption from the Suicide Squad.

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Here are still from “Welcome to the Dollhouse,” the spring finale of ‘Pretty Little Liars.’

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Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson on Glee, will be honored in the series finale of the show.

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On March 16’s episode of Jane the Virgin, Jane attends a romance writers’ conference, and the Mirabella hosts a celebration filled with dance numbers.

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ABC’s new drama ‘American Crime’ premiered with a shocking home invasion murder setting off tension in a California community. Check out our recap for spoilers.

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On March 5th’s Big Bang Theory, there is everything from a pet turtle to couples fighting to a body paint experiment, Here are pictures from the episode.

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So this is it folks, the Season 3 Finale. There’s a death of a major character and some good and some very bad news for Frank. Enjoy.

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Heather’s attempt at playing dirty doesn’t work so well and Claire’s worst fears aren’t realized. So what’s up with her and Frank?

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The Democratic Party Presidential debate turns ugly and Frank makes an emergency visit to see Claire. Things are hotting up on the show’s home straight.

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Parks and Recreation airs its series finale on February 24. Here are some pictures from the farewell episode.

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Santana and Brittany get married on Glee on February 20. Here are pictures from the wedding episode.

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On tonight’s The Big Bang Theory, Howard mourns his mother’s death. Leonard and Raj spot Castle’s Nathan Fillion at a restaurant. Here are episode pictures.

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On Jane the Virgin Chapter 14, Jane asks her parents to confess their feelings for one another. She also grows more suspicious of Rafael because of Michael. Here are pictures from the episode.

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As we say goodbye to the Braveman family, here are pictures from the series finale of Parenthood, airing on January 29.

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Here are pictures from the next episode of Revenge, airing on January 25. Louise, Nolan and Emily are scheming in “Kindred.”

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