The Dark Knight Rises Trailer with Sausages

Bruce and Bane have left the hot dog carts of Gotham behind to reenact the first trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. When it comes to Batman trailers featuring sausages, this one takes the bun. Okay, I know that was cheesy as a chili cheese dog… ahhhh, I can’t stop! Just watch the video.

Tetris the Movie

We got Battlship and G.I. Joe movies, so why not a sci-fi movie based on an 8-bit puzzle game? Extinction is coming, one giant block at a time.

Historic Firsts with Patton Oswalt

It’s a common belief that writing “first” began with the Internet, but historians are now discovering that this trolling practice has been going on since mankind’s earliest beginnings.

Disney’s Taxi Driver

“You talkin’ to me, mouse? You talkin’ to me mouse?” The f%*$ers and screwheads of NYC don’t seem so bad when you’ve got a pair of Mousketeer ears on.

Walking Dead Men

Worlds are colliding! Or at least the worlds of AMC are colliding with a zombie virus epidemic in the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce advertising agency. Lucky Strike is out and brains are in.

ADmented Look at Google Glasses

So Google’s unveiled their new glasses and everyone on the planet is jumping at the thrill of taking the first step to becoming a human cyborg. But what are Google glasses really gonna look like? Probably something kinda like this…

Waldo’s Grindhouse Movie

Waldo’s done screwing around with children’s books, the man is out for some vigilante justice and leaving a trail of blood in his wake. Waldo is coming… for you.

Rampage is the Turkish Rambo

The people behind the abomination of Turkish Star Wars have now brought their mockery upon Rambo. He may not have the stone cold killing skills of Stallone, but man, the guy can eat a kebab.