Watch Stephen Colbert react to the new Star Wars VII trailer as he breaks down the new lightsaber.

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Without further ado, here’s your 1st official look at the teaser trailer for “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.”

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For his role as Lena Dunham’s boyfriend on Girls, Adam Driver has been nominated for the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

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The famed director also announces a new charity and a chance for fans to be in the movie.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Josh Trank, the director of an upcoming “Star Wars” stand alone film.

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Gwendoline Christie has been added to the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII, but you know her as Brienne on Game of Thrones. Let’s learn more about the actress.

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John Boyega, the 22-year-old British actor, has been cast in the new “Star Wars Episode 7,” as the leading character. Here are the photos.

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Lucasfilm is planning to move away from the former “Expanded Universe” and star anew with “Star Wars: Episode VII.”

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J.J. Abrams cinematic Star Wars rendition is heading to theaters in 2015.

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The start of the new “Star Wars” films will begin filming early next year.

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Wait, this guy’s still alive?

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Harrison Ford isn’t too old to make his Han Solo comeback.

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Star Wars fans rejoice, we’re in safe hands.

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