Use our tips/tricks/cheats guide to claim victory as either the Empire or the Rebellion.

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Watching Harrison Ford attempt to consume a headset is pure hilarity.

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“Star Wars Rebels” is a new TV show for Disney, coming in 2014. The short teaser trailer video has now been released. Check it out now.

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These tips will strengthen your master use of the Force!

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Have you ever seen a giant, floating Darth Vader head? How about a flying Scotsman wearing a kilt? Here are the funniest ones to look out for in the sky.

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The veteran British visionary is also known for his work on Dr. Strangelove and A Hard Day’s Night.

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George Lucas welcomes his new baby Everest Hobson Lucas with wife Mellody Hobson, using help of a surrogate carrier. Read on.

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These 15 games make their movie counterparts look even better.

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Rumors are swirling for stars of the new Star Wars: Episode 7. We’ll give you the real info on Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, and Zac Efron right here.

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There really are no winners in the battle of Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones.

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