Vernon Charles Allen Merriweather is suing Oprah and Starbucks for $15 million after allegedly ordering an Oprah Chai tea laced with heroin.

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Comedy Central viral video creator Nathan Fielder has revealed himself to be behind the parody coffee shopped that popped up overnight in LA. But who is he?

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Could it really be an evolution of Banksy art?

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From bad phonetic misspellings of common names to the most WTF, we’ve all gotten our name wrong on a Starbucks’ cup. Here’s the best.

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Before McDonald’s famous golden arches, it was “McDonald’s Famous BBQ.” Check out the evolution of company logos from the most recognizable brands of today. Coke, Doritos, NFL, and more!

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The ubiquitous micro-blogging service known as Twitter needs no introduction. Finally, people who were formerly forced to scream at the top of their lungs on crowded subway cars or shout down the gullets of wishing wells have a place to transcribe…

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