Prepare to giggle a bit and be supremely entertained by the best quotes heard from Jurassic World.

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Chris Pratt and his army of raptors have a lot to deal with once Jurassic World stomps into theaters.

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On June 12, 2015, Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster dinosaurs will roam movie theaters once again.

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Halle Berry stars in the new CBS series Extant. Berry plays an astronaut who returns home after a year-long solo mission to her husband and son.

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Did you know that Tom Hanks’ son is a rapper? Or that Denzel Washington’s son plays in the NFL? There’s more!

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The two film-industry legends pulled a Soderbergh at USC this week. Find out more about their projected paradigm shift.

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Here’s what you need to know about the Xbox One’s “Halo” TV series.

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Steven Spielberg has officially signed on to direct “American Sniper,” the film adaptation of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle’s autobiography.

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Colin Trevorrow will be the director for the next installment of the Jurassic Park franchis–not Steven Spielberg.

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The series will see Brian K. Vaughn (Lost) and King himself as creative directors and producers.

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Spielberg makes another apparent gem, this time chronicling the life of Abraham Lincoln toward the end of the civil war.

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Everyone’s favorite whiny little bitch is at it again complaining about everything except his own poor casting decisions.

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The holiday week brings us The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Adventures of Tintin on Wednesday, 12/21 and War Horse and The Darkest Hour on Sunday, 12/25.

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Steven Spielberg’s icky-creepy update to the Peter Pan legend stars Robin Williams as a grown-up Peter and a hammy Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook.

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Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson bring you The Adventures of Tin Tin this holiday season. Here’s a first look at the stills.

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Director Jon Favreau’s genre mashup makes for both a dull Western and a mediocre piece of science fiction, but Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford manage to ride into town and save at least part of the day.

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