The Tokyo Game Show 2014 was chock full of new trailers for several upcoming games.

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Here are the video games you need to save some dead presidents for come August 2014.

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The fighters hailing from “Ultra Street Fighter 4″ are donning some new outfits in honor of the summer.

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These are the top 10 panels that video gamers need to sit in on when SDCC 2014 arrives.

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This “srkevo1″ Twitch features the most action being played at EVO 2014.

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Here’s a breakdown of everything regarding this year’s installment of EVO!

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Heavy will be featuring the livestream action from EVO 2014. Here’s the scheduling for those events!

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Any would-be pro fighting game player has to own at least one of these arcade sticks.

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Get fully prepared for what’s going down at EVO 2014!

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Some artist found a way to make M. Bison look cute.

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Come check out these real-life renditions of some your favorite fighting game characters.

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The 2014 gaming season is lined with some great fighting games.

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These street pugilists are just as awesome as Street Fighter’s star players.

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We’d much rather pull off some new Ultra’s with these characters.

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Capcom has heard the pleas of Street Fighter fans everywhere!

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