Street Trials on a Vintage Lady’s Bike

Sure, we’ve witnessed plenty of awesome bike stunts, but they’re always using proper street trial bikes. Here, rider Mickael Dupont proves that skill always trump equipment. Our favorite part is the makeshift brace he welds into the frame after the whole bike folds in half.

This is Freerunning

Ryan Doyle does his best “Assassin’s Creed” impersonation in this awesome freerunning highlight reel he put together for the Red Bull Launchpad.

Thrillbillies New Season Teaser

Touted as Nitro Circus’s hillbilly, low budget cousins, Thrillbillies is coming back with another season of ridiculous and deranged stunts. It might be lowbrow and a little dimwitted but damn, it looks like a blast.

Airplane Tail Grab from a Motorcycle

The Werth brothers David and Billy, race down a runway in Indiana to perform their favorite stunt, the “inverted tail grab”. Do not try this at home, you know, in case you happen to own a motorcycle, a biplane and a runway.

British Car Jumping Championships

For seven years drivers have gathered in England for what they call a “gladiator-style motorsport”. The concept is simple, drivers in beat up rust buckets attempt to jump a line of cars, the winner landing the furthest. Let’s be honest though, it’s not the ones that make it that get the real cheers.

Extreme Carp Hunting

Environmentalists would just assume handle the Mississippi River carp problem through some sort of science-y solution. These brave men have a better idea, killing carp with a sword and trash can armor on water skis. Nope, nothing idiotic going on here.