Katie McLaughlin, the ex-wife of Jared Fogle, is suing Subway, accusing the sandwich chain of knowing Fogle was a pedophile and failing to act. Read the lawsuit here.

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L train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn was suspended on Thursday morning due to a smoke condition on the subway.

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In Touch Weekly is reporting that former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle gained 30 pounds three months into a nearly 16-year jail sentence for child pornography and having sex with minors.

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A smartphone video filmed at a Subway restaurant in Provo, Utah appears to be show maggots crawling over a freshly made sandwich.

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Subway spokesman Jared Fogle had his home raided by the FBI in connection with a child porn investigation. See pictures of Fogle through the years here.

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A woman taking up two seats while knitting on a subway train got in a confrontation with another woman who wanted to sit down. An altercation occurs.

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A rowdy, confrontational young woman harassing a man on the subway for “being poor” got justice served to her when she decided to slap him. The man hit back.

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I wouldn’t sit there if I were you.

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A normal Monday morning commute in NYC turned scary when a rat got on a subway train at Fulton Street before entering the tunnel to Brooklyn. Does it bite?!

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Twerking has been taken to a whole new life threatening level.

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Reports are coming in that a grenade has been found in a New York City subway station. Bomb squads are en route.

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Miley Cyrus’ promo video for the VIdeo Music Awards was recently released, giving fans a good taste of just how “bad” her performance at the awards will be.

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The subway is a rolling museum of human oddity. If drunk Power Rangers or Mariachi bands make you nervous then you might want to take a taxi cab.

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Are you a big fan of ‘Duck Dynasty’ or ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’? Well, PBS hates you and wants you to know it.

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The MTA announced today that they’ll be adding wi-fi and cell phone service to 30 subway stations.

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A woman has been found dead on the train tracks at the Canal Street station in New York City.

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