Who got eliminated tonight on Survivor? At tribal council, who was the contestant voted off the show?

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Caleb Reynolds was evacuated for dehydration on tonight’s episode of Survivor, which resulted in his being eliminated.

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NBA player Scot Pollard and Big Brother star Caleb Reynolds are on Survivor. Get the details on them from their heights to net worth to Caleb’s fiancee.

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Tonight is the premiere date of Survivor 2016, jumping into season 32. Get the time it starts, what channel to watch and when it’s on TV.

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Check out the premiere and weekly episodes of Survivor 2016 via the CBS live stream. Get all the details on how to watch season 32 online here.

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Who are the contestants on season 32 of Survivor: Kaoh Rong? Get the 2016 cast list and spoilers on the members joining the show.

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The winner of the 2015 Survivor: Second Chance finale was announced tonight. And, the contestant who won was … Jeremy Collins.

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Who won Survivor: Second Chance 2015 tonight? Get the winner spoilers right here.

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The top 3 winning finalists have been revealed as we continue to watch the finale episode of Survivor: Second Chance 2015. Who could be the winner?

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It’s the 2015 finale of Survivor: Second Chance with Jeremy Collins, Keith Nale and Spencer Bledsoe as the male winners in the top 6. Will one of them win.

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Kelley Wentworth, Latasha Fox and Kimmi Kappenberg are the three remaining cast members on Survivor: Second Chance. Get the finale spoilers on each of them.

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The top 6 contestants from Survivor: Second Chance 2015 are competing for the win and we’ve got some spoilers on what to expect from the cast tonight.

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Tonight is the 2015 finale of Survivor Second Chance. Check out how to watch the show via live stream online as the winner is chosen.

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Who got eliminated tonight on Survivor 2015? Get the cast spoilers and live recap right here.

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Check out the remaining contestants in the 2015 “Survivor” cast. Plus spoilers on tonight’s episode as Jeremy Collins reunites with wife Val and gets baby news.

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On tonight’s Survivor another 2015 contestant will be eliminated from the cast. Who do you think it will be?

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