A tattooed twelve-year-old girl in Thailand is also an incredible tattoo artist. Check out this video of her tattooing a man’s back freehand.

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Tattoos are a common thing nowadays for men and women, wherever they decide to put them on their body. But sometimes the tattoos chosen are terrible. See here.

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Can Lavezzi replace Aguero against Switzerland?

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Joshua loves to get tattoos but his father hates them. So every time Joshua gets a new tattoo, he films its reveal to his father and gets the hilarity on video.

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A girl getting a devotional tattoo to her boyfriend in Hebrew made the mistake of using a translator program. Like no one predicted, it gave her a bad translation.

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Lake Bell is a successful writer, director and actor, and still manages to find time to take off her clothes. Learn about the topless woman on Esquire’s May cover.

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A teenager named Stian Ytterdahl got a huge tattoo of a McDonald’s receipt on his arm. Check out the crazy tattoo pic as well as the story behind the ink.

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At a tattoo festival in Thailand, extremely spiritual Buddhist monks earn their title of the best tattoo artists in the world.

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These are never, ever a good idea.

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Well, this just got awkward…

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Miley Cyrus honored her grandma the only way she knows how.

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Louis Tomlinson from the boy band One Direction has a new tattoo. Check out the photo of Tomlinson’s ode to Pac-Man.

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Rihanna has picked up a souvenir in New Zealand. The rock star got a Maori Tribal tattoo painfully chiseled into her entire hand. Watch the video here.

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Incredible, regrettable, unforgettable.

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Miley Cyrus got two tattoos on her feet for her interview with Rolling Stone magazine. Check out the photos from the tattoo parlor as well as the tattoos.

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The ultimate collection of regrettable decisions.

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