A tattooed twelve-year-old girl in Thailand is also an incredible tattoo artist. Check out this video of her tattooing a man’s back freehand.

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Hey, is that a tattoo or just the ugliest birthmark ever on your arm?

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The One Direction boys hit the Shamrock Social Club to get some hot new ink. Check out the horrible decisions they can never take back.

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We know that portrait tattoo is supposed to be your dead grandmother, but to the rest of us it looks like a reptilian space creature. Nana would be so disappointed.

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It’s guys like this who give face tattoos a bad name.

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This is worse than that time that the members of Kings of Leon got matching “We Make Good Music” tattoos.

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He’re really, really sorry about the head butt. So he stuck your head on his leg.

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Esteemed love psychic Jill Dahne predicts it’s the new trend: butt hole tattoos.

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News flash, getting your boyfriend of one week tattooed on your arm is not only a stupid idea, but it’s straight up Charlie Sheen crazy. Ah, but who are we to stand in the way of love. Go ahead and do whatever you want you, crazy kids.

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Rick Genest spent thousands of dollars over three years getting his body and face covered in tattoos, made to resemble a decomposing corpse. Although you’d expect to find him at a sideshow, it’s more likely a Paris fashion show.

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Nothing says, “I’d like to eliminate any possibility of getting a job ever again” like a face tattoo. Word to the wise. Don’t do it.

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So maybe Mario Kart was a life changing game for you in 1994, but do you really want stars and mushrooms inked onto your knuckles forever? These people do (or did).

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Everybody’s shocked that Justin Bieber got a tattoo. I’m just shocked that it’s such a wussy one. Inside, some ideas for more macho ink for the Bieb.

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Oh, the tramp stamp – is there any tattoo that more perfectly communicates “buy me three drinks and I’ll do anything sexually, and may or may not vomit on your Xbox?” While most tramp stamps are simple tribals or flowers, every once in a while somebody…

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Tattoos are forever – or at least forever minus the input of lasers. So if you’re getting inked, you’d think that it’d be wise to run a spellcheck on your body art. The twenty morons in this post, however, skipped that step. Here’s my favorite awful tattoo typos of all time.

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No, my friends, not the 20 worst celebrity tattoos – just the opposite. America is obviously obsessed with fame and celebrity, and what better way to get close to the stars than to painfully, permanently mark your body with their faces?

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