When Netflix just isn’t cutting it anymore, these programs can breathe new life into the movie library you’ve always had.

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HDMI cables are vital when connecting your Blu-ray player, video game console, cable box or home theater system to your HDTV. Check out some of the best here.

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Save big on electronics this Black Friday with Amazon Lightning Deals and Black Friday specials.

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A police officer pulled over Google’s self-driving car in Mountain View, California, because it was driving too slow.

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An Uber driver was saved from a head-on collision when his Tesla’s autopilot kicked in before he could react. Watch the video here.

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PayPal went down worldwide tonight. What happened? Was the site hacked?

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YouTube is getting ready to launch a new ad-free option, with users paying a subscription fee for uninterrupted content and extra features.

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LogMeIn has acquired LastPass, leading some people to wonder if there are any good alternatives. Find out here.

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Schuler Benson was accidentally logged into a stranger’s Facebook account and couldn’t log out. He had no idea that woman would one day be his wife.

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You’ve entered the audiophile world with a new set of monitors. Now what? A DAC will quickly outclass your internal sound card, and even an entry level model will greatly improve the quality of your digital audio.

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Splikity, an app that stores, syncs, recommends and fills passwords, entered the Shark Tank in Season 7. Heavy spoke to its co-founder about the tech company.

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Nicole McCullough is the lesser-known co-founder of Peeple, the controversial app that lets you rate other people. Find out more about Nicole here.

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Jack Dorsey is a billionaire. He’s completely self-made, gaining most of his worth through his work with Twitter and Square. Find out more here.

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Who is Jack Dorsey and what is his on-again, off-again relationship with Twitter? Find out about the brilliant man who may be named permanent CEO.

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A group called “Hack for Trump” broke into a bank’s website so it could donate the ransom money to Donald Trump’s campaign. Truth is stranger than fiction.

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The Google Fortune beta site is fake and not associated with Google in any way. The site that raises refugee awareness has been causing confusion online.

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