Gatlinburg fire victims in Tennessee include a mother and daughters from the Reed family, couples, a reverend and others. The updated list of deaths is at 13.

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See aerial videos and photos of the Gatlinburg fire damage and burn area in Tennessee.

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Gatlinburg fire officials say the Chimney Tops 2 fire in Tennessee is still burning, although it’s hit a lull because of rain. See updated information and a map.

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Dolly Parton has graciously offered $1,000 a month to families who lost their homes to the Gatlinburg wildfires. Watch the Tennessee native’s statement here.

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Some are upset because they don’t believe President Barack Obama and the media are giving the Gatlinburg fire in Tennessee much attention. Trump tweeted on it.

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The Gatlinburg fire in Tennessee has moved people to share prayers, photos, quotes, and memes to offer support. The Chimney Stops fire caused much damage.

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Alice Hagler was identified as the first victim to be found dead in the Gatlinburg, Tennessee fire. She was a mother and grandmother who was a retiree.

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The Gatlinburg fire deaths have left families to deal with the unimaginable loss of the victims. Alice Hagler was the first identified fatality in the Tennessee blaze. See photos remembering the lost.

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Many Gatlinburg fire photos captured tragedy and devastation. These pictures captured strength of the human spirit and inspired as the Tennessee fire raged on.

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See Gatlinburg fire maps of active fires and updated locations in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains blaze, also known as the Chimney Tops 2 fire.

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Some on social media wonder if the Gatlinburg, Tennessee fire cause could be arson caused by terrorism or ISIS. There is no evidence of it, but there is evidence terrorists are turning to fire as a possible weapon in general.

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Several people are missing in the Gatlinburg fire and their loved ones have circulated photos seeking to be reunited. See photos of those reported missing on November 29. Some have now been reported deceased.

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The Gatlinburg fire has left many people devastated because they have such fond memories of the Sevier County resort area. See their pictures and photo memories.

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A man found a Bible verse lying near the Gatlinburg fire scene. The verse mentions fires and is seen as a sign of hope or end times. See a photo of the verse and read what it says.

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Dozens of Gatlinburg, Tennessee residents have lost everything to the wildfires, and need help now more than ever. Click through the gallery of victim’s stories with links to donate.

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With the devastating Gatlinburg , Tennessee wildfires also comes many missing and displaced pets. Click through the gallery of lost and found to see how you can help.

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