ISIS published a new video on March 1 that shows members of the Islamic State executing a man by shooting him in the back of the head from close range.

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ISIS claims a female American hostage has been killed in a Jordanian airstrike.

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Jordan responded swiftly to the horror of its captured pilot’s death by hanging Sajida al-Rishawi, a failed suicide bomber, and a second al-Qaida operative, Ziad al-Karbouli.

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The two terror suspects are accused of being in an ISIS cell in the Canadian capital.

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A Jordanian pilot has been burned alive in the latest gruesome execution video from terror group ISIS.

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Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh was burned alive and executed by ISIS in Syria. The Islamic State is believed to have killed him on January 3.

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The Islamic State have executed Japanese journalist Kenji Goto in Syria. ISIS uploaded a video of the killing on January 31.

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ISIS released as video appearing to show the execution of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto.

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The gunman claimed to have a radioactive bomb.

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A former U.S. Marine is among nine victims killed by ISIS-loyal militants in a terror attack on a five-star hotel in Tripoli, Libya.

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Hamza Mohammed Matrouk, a Palestinian terrorist, stabbed 11 people on a bus in Israel with a knife. Police found him. Here he is screaming after being shot.

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A former U.S. military chemical weapons expert with “mental issues” has been arrested in Canada believed to be possessing “hazardous material.”

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A 20-year-old American has been arrested by the FBI in Ohio, charged with planning to bomb the U.S. Capitol in an “ISIS-inspired plot.”

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A shocking new video shows a child soldier apparently executing two Russian spies in the name of ISIS.

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Over 1.5 million people marched in Paris, France in solidarity with free speech and in protest of the Charlie Hebdo terrorism. Someone put on John Lennon.

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Charlie Hebdo isn’t changing for anybody.

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