The Islamic State has released a new video allegedly showing captives from the captured Tabqa Airbase forced to march to their death nearly nude.

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islamic state flag, isis flag, isil flag, black flag

As ISIS/ISIL continues to ravage Iraq & Syria, news stations have been airing the black flag that the terrorist militia has adopted. What does the Arabic text mean and what is the flag’s history?

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wi-fi hacker, wifi hacker, airplane hack, airline security, airplane security, passenger jet security, wi-fi hacker, black hat conference, wi-fi security

A security researcher has discovered a Wi-Fi vulnerability that could allow hackers to attack passenger jets. Here’s what you need to know about this threat.

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A new propaganda video allegedly released by ISIS shows the brutal slaughter of Iraqis. They are shot in the head before being thrown into a river.

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Moner Mohammad AbuSalha, Abu Hurayrah al-Amriki video

Syria’s al-Nusra has released a video of the 22-year-old American jihadist, Abu Hurayra Al-Amirki, who carried out a suicide attack in the Idib province.

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new isis videos

Terror group ISIS, or ISIL, has released new videos of its brutal campaigns in Iraq, including a mass execution and a suicide car bombing.

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shannon conley nurse

The Denver teenager was arrested on her way to Syria to marry an ISIS fighter and join forces with the terror group.

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Omar al-Shishani

Omar al-Shishani, a red-bearded Chechen fighting for ISIL (aka ISIS) in Iraq and Syria, has become the face of the terrorist group after numerous appearances in photos and propaganda videos.

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abu bakr al-baghdadi

He’s been called “the next bin laden.” Find out why Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS, may be our most terrifying enemy.

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Nigeria bombing

At least 21 people were killed Wednesday after an explosion at a shopping mall in Nigeria — the second deadly attack in the nation in less than two weeks.

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Michael Todd Wolfe

Michael Todd Wolfe, a 23-year-old Houston native, was arrested on Wednesday morning at George H.W. Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport for allegedly providing material support to terrorist. His accomplice, Rahatul Ashikim Khan, was arrested in his home in Round Rock, 20 minutes outside of Austin.

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benghazi leader captured

Ahmed Abu Khattala, one of the suspected leaders of the Benghazi attack on the American consulate in 2012, was captured by U.S. forces.

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