Zale Thompson is the ax wielding man who tried to kill NYPD cops in Queens on October 23.

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Videos of the United States and its Arab coalition destroying ISIS compounds have been unclassified. Here is some of the newest, infrared and aerial footage,

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Watch Farah Shirdon, a Somali-Canadian, make claims in a video interview of an imminent ISIS attack on New York and the West.

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Is Alton Nolan the first “lone wolf” terrorist, heeding ISIS’ call to kill Americans in our homeland?

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Alton Nolen’s Facebook page is filled with posts about the Quran, 9/11, terrorism, purity and religion. See the accused murderer of Colleen Hufford’s most shocking posts here.

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The Moore, Oklahoma, Police Department has released audio of the 911 call related to the beheading of a woman by suspect Alton Nolen.

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Mark Vaughan is being hailed as a hero after he shot Alton Nolen. Nolen is alleged to have beheaded one of Vaughan’s employees.

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American terrorists trained by ISIS are planning a terror attack on New York subways, according to the Iraqi prime minister.

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Herve Gourdel was a 55-year-old tourist, hiking the mountains of Algeria, when he was kidnapped and beheaded by a group of ISIS-loyal militants.

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A former confidant of Osama Bin Laden who led a terrorist group planning “imminent” attacks on the West is believed dead after airstrikes in Syria.

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Herve GouRdel, a French citizen in Algeria, had been kidnapped on Sunday September 21.

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Michael Scott Moore had been held by Somali pirates for two years and eight months. He was freed on September 23 after reports that a $1.6 million ransom was paid.

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Two busloads of girls who showed up at an army barracks were originally thought to be those kidnapped in Chibok in April 2014.

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The amazing photography of John Cantlie is showcased in these images shot in Syria before his capture in November 2012.

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While the world panics about ISIS, an al Qaeda offshoot have been building hard-to-detect bombs specifically for US passenger planes.

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British journalist John Cantlie delivers a message to the West in the latest ISIS video, saying he’ll expose the truth in a series of “programs.”

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