A new photo series purportedly released by the Islamic State shows a man accused of spying against ISIS beheaded in the deserts of the Diyala governorate of Iraq.

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Just five days after some of the worst violence France has ever seen, the terrorist mastermind of the Paris attacks has been killed by French security forces, according to the Washington Post.

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Four of the eight suspected ISIS terrorists have been identified in the Paris attacks that killed at least 129 on November 13, 2015. Read about them here.

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Omar Ismail Mostefai, a Paris native, is one of the three terrorists who attacked the Bataclan concert hall. He was radicalized in 2010.

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Bilal Hadfi has been named as one of eight ISIS terrorists in Friday’s attacks in Paris. Hadfi, who was killed, had been living in Belgium.

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Police are searching for Salah Abdeslam, 26, who is one of the suspects in Friday’s terror attacks in Paris.

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A new video of the Paris attacks on Friday shows the beginning of the terrorism at the Bataclan concert hall when the band is on stage and gunfire is first heard.

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How many Americans died in the Paris attacks and how many are missing? Find out here.

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The Democratic debate is focusing on terrorism and national security. Here’s what Clinton, Sanders, and O’Malley are saying about what happened in Paris.

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Video captured by photographer Patrick Zachmann shows police and terrorists engaging in a gun battle outside the Bataclan theater in Paris. Watch it here.

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These videos from the Paris attacks include footage of victims fleeing the Bataclan theater and police exchanging gunfire. Warning: Some vidoes are graphic.

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Nick Alexander was the first British victim named from the Paris attacks. He was a merchandise manager working at the Eagles of Death Metal concert.

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French officials say at least 129 people were killed in terror attacks Friday night in Paris. Here are the names of the victims that have been released so far.

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A video purportedly released by the Islamic State in 2014 has reemerged online after the latest attacks on Paris.

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The Islamic State has officially claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris. Read the full English translation of the text here.

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A video taken by a journalist for the French newspaper Le Monde shows victims of the Bataclan terror attack in Paris fleeing from the attackers. Watch it here.

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