Tetris the Movie

We got Battlship and G.I. Joe movies, so why not a sci-fi movie based on an 8-bit puzzle game? Extinction is coming, one giant block at a time.

Tetris on a Building

It’s not everyday that you get to play some classic Tetris on the side of a 20 story building. That is, unless you happen to be a student at MIT.

Chuck Norris vs. Tetris

Chuck Norris doesn’t play Tetris by just fitting some blocks together, he creates a supernova and blows the blocks into smithereens.


Just a cool little video homage to Tetris, with a touch of parkour and a killer robot thrown in for good measure.

The Best Tetris Player In The World

Think your pretty good at Tetris? Watch Jin8 play and you might want to reconsider your skills.The game starts slow but by minute 3 the speed picks up, and by the end the board is invisible.