Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife were involved in a hit-and-run. The man who hit them has been arrested for DUI.

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Beth Chapman of ‘Beth & Dog On The Hunt’, wife to Duane Chapman aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, has a warrant out for her arrest for misdemeanor harassment. Read on.

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Country singer Randy Travis receives prayers & support from Chuck Norris, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Carrie Underwood, William Shatner, & Keith Urban on Twitter.

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  Off the top, I’ll admit to experiencing that fluttering sense of emptiness deep within before I’m about to take in a romantic comedy. Truly, what’s not to love about the piercing steel grip of a woman’s nails into your forearm when you break out in…

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Huge, huge week for movies this time, and surprisingly several of them look like they’ll be worth seeing. So let’s skip the witty banter and get right down to the first impressions. Repo Men – Could this movie be any better-timed? With health care refor…

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