A new technique employed by car thieves in Bangkok, Thailand uses a device that can unlock nearly car. See it in action here, and be on the look out for it.

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Make sure these excellent Xbox One games are added to your collection.

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Garret sneaks his way onto next-gen consoles in a rebooted adventure.

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Garret is coming out of the shadows for a new adventure.

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Here are the video games you need to save some dead presidents for come February 2014.

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Here’s some more incredible games that you’ll want to play in 2014!

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Justin Bieber steals another memory card from a paparazzo, which ends in a lawsuit against him like last time. Is Justin in need of some weird inspiration?

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Here’s all of the awesome trailers shown for the PS4 during Sony’s E3 2013 conference.

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An old PC classic is returning to the shadows.

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