Watch skateboarding legend Tony Hawk take a ride on the world’s first real hoverboard, at the Hendo Hoverboard warehouse.

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Tony Hawk has now issued a video apology for his role in the HUVr Board prank. You can watch Tony’s apology right here.

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Missed the HUVr Tech hoverboard video? We’ve got all the amazing photos and pictures you need to see.

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Everyone’s trying to figure out who’s behind the HUVr Tech hoverboard hoax. One theory: the HUVr video is a viral promotion for a new tony Hawk video game.

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Tony Hawk tweeted that his new video game would be available soon for the iPhone, Joystiq reports. He posted to his Twitter account that “”In the PR world, this is considered ‘going rogue,’ but I’m too excited. This is real & dropping soon.”…

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Remember when Tony Hawk games were awesome? When the countless sequels that followed part 2 (which I still feel is the best of the bunch) failed to innovate or simply excite, most simply went on with their lives, though a few of us found solace in the vast…

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