A man in Bashkiria, Russia is counting his lucky stars after a tornado literally lands on him after he pulls out of his garage. He caught it on his dash cam.

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Revere Massachusetts Tornado

A tornado touched down in Revere, Mass. Monday morning, taking down trees, crushing cars and causing structural damage. Police are advising people to avoid the Boston suburb for the time being.

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Revere Mass. tornado

Photos should devastation in Revere, Massachusetts, where a tornado touched down Monday morning in the Boston suburb.

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Revere tornado, Revere tornado video, Revere Mass. tornado

An Instagram video shows fierce winds sweeping through Revere, Massachusetts as a tornado touched down Monday morning.

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Indianapolis tornado

A tornado storm near Indianapolis, Indiana, has damaged homes in the town of Speedway.

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Calista Dixon is the 5-year-old girl who died after twin tornadoes destroyed Pilger, Nebraska. Her family had recently relocated from Alabama.

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pilger tornado photos

Twin tornadoes devastated the tiny town of Pilger, Nebraska. Here are the most shocking pictures of the damage the storm left behind.

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pilger two tornadoes, pilger tornado

The town of Pilger was leveled today as twin tornadoes tore through northeast Nebraska.

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watford, north dakota, tornado

Oil workers at a North Dakota camp video taped a tornado forming above their campsite before seeking shelter. 9 people were left injured after the storm.

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A fire has ravaged San Marcos, California, destroying structures, burning acres and even creating a fire tornado.

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