Our summer travel packing list has a few must-have items that every summer traveler needs in their luggage, including medications, gadgets, travel pillows, and much more.

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Here are five travel accessories every traveler needs this summer.

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Pumped for your Spring Break trip? Make sure you’re ready for maximum fun by packing these essential items in your suitcase.

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Getting ready for a Spring Break trip? Here are some great deals on cheap luggage for 2015.

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Shopping for GPS navigation devices for your car? Here are five solid choices for 2015.

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Alex Chacon runs a blog called The Modern Motorcycle Diaries where he tells about his world travels to 36+ countries. Check out his GoPro pics from the trip.

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Whether you’re a long-time iPhone fan or a recent Apple convert, these accessories will help you get the most out of your device.

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Planning a trip, or just want to fantasize about getting away from it all? These are the best travel apps for iPhone and Android.

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These little known gems of earth will make your travel bug itch.

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Spirit Airlines is at it again with a ridiculous advertisement making fun of the Richie Incognito NFL bullying scandal.

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Amtrak has canceled train service between Philly and D.C. after damage was reported to overhead wires.

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The TSA gets a pretty bad rap. Here are a bunch of photos to help perpetuate that.

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Why just drink beer when you can bathe in it too?! Mmmm, beer bath…

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The planes got dangerously close when flying over New York

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Las Vegas is already hot enough, so why let clothing hinder your enjoyment of Sin City? These are the best pools in Vegas for your gawking needs.

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Wherever you drive in this great land of ours, you are certain to see some crazy things. As the 5 Man Electric Band put it, “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.”

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