“America’s Got Talent” is full of celebrity performances on their finale tonight and AcroArmy will be performing with Travis Barker’s beats on the drums.

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Chris Brown BET Awards 2014, Travis Barker BET Awards 2014, Chris Brown BET Awards Performance

Chris Brown killed it at the 2014 BET Awards with surprise assistance from Travis Barker.

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The first lady will release a hip-hop album next month as part of her Let’s Move! initiative.

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Happy 4th of July on Twitter and Instagram with sexy bikini photos, videos, and tweets from Hilary Duff, Nikki Reed, Aubrey O’Day, Travis Barker, & many more!

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The drummer is afraid to fly since his 2008 plane crash.

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This year’s performances were the best in recent memory, so have a look at 10 of our favorites.

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Welcome to February – here’s some music! The drought has ended, and a massive flow of new tunes is gushing forth from the open mouths of our favorite bands (and some of our un-favorites)…

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