‘That’s So Raven’ actor Orlando Brown goes on an Instagram rant, claiming that Trey Songz is secretly gay.

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After being referenced in the Nicki Minaj diss “Shether,” Trey Songz and Meek Mill join forces in the studio for a potential response.

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Khloe Kardashian is reportedly dating singer Trey Songz. Here’s what we know about their relationship.

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Rapper Earl Hayes reportedly killed his wife, Stephanie Moseley, due to her affair with Trey Songz.

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Nicki Minaj gave a psychedelically awesome performance, singing “Pills N Potions” at the BET Awards.

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New albums from Linkin Park, Trey Songz, Robert Plant, Weezer and more. Check our short reviews.

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This week’s a big one for new music, debuting albums from Lil Jon, Christina Aguilera, Plies, Against Me and more. Check our capsule reviews and videos.

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It’s new record day once again, where your ears open like delicate tulips to the siren call of marginally talented people and their Auto-Tune machines.

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So Trey Songz is making a serious play to be the next R. Kelly of ridiculous sex songs. His latest? “LOL.” Check out the webcamtastic video.

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Trey Songz cracks me the hell up – he seems like he’s ready to snatch the crown of “weird dude who sings about doing it all the time” right off of R. Kelly’s head.

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