The court date for former National Football League running Joseph Randle, accused of committing multiple felonies, has arrived.

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Live stream coverage of the sensational hot car death trial of Ross Harris, accused of killing his two-year-old son, resumed on Tuesday.

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Gavel-to-gavel live stream of Justin Ross Harris trial, accused of murder in hot car death of his son.

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Frederick Harris III was convicted of the grisly murder and dismemberment of his elderly parents in Pennsylvania.

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Chandra Levy was a federal intern in Washington D.C. when she was murdered. She was linked romantically to then Congressman Gary Condit. Who killed Chandra Levy?

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Gary Condit, the former Congressman tied to intern Chandra Levy, is in the news now that prosecutors dropped charges against a man convicted in her murder.

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Vermont schoolchildren sat in on the hottest trial in recent state history today when sisters testified against each other in the “Frozen Mock Trial: Elsa vs. Anna.” Vermont Supreme Court Chief Justice Paul Reiber presided over the stalking case.

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With these tips, you’ll have a much easier time conquering this physics-based mobile racer.

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Kerry Kennedy took the stand today in her drugged driving trial. Here’s what you need to know about this human rights activist and her legal battle.

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Jefrey Simon Hubbard has been found guilty of homicide in the death of 11-year-old Kile Glover, Usher’s ex-wife’s son, who was run over by a jet ski.

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Today Amanda Knox went on Good Morning America to interview the guilty verdict leveled against her for murder by an Italian court.

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After a retrial, an Italian court has officially found Amanda Knox guilty of murder.

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The sealed court documents of murder victim JonBenet Ramsey’s parents’ indictments have been released. Read the documents here.

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Shayana Jenkins has been indicted for perjury in the investigation into her fiance, Aaron Hernandez, who is accused of the first degree murder of Odin Lloyd.

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A Swedish court has reduced the sentence of Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm from two years to one due to a lack of sufficient evidence.

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Jodi Arias’ attorneys have asked for a sequestered jury during the second phase of her sentencing to shield jurors from the intense publicity that surrounded the first phase.

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