The first big movie panel at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con is about Trolls… not Internet Trolls, but the stars of the new DreamWorks Animation movie.

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A new internet phenomenon called “swatting” got a live streamer named Kootra raided by a SWAT team. He got the entire home invasion on camera.

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These siblings are epic.

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A new party trick may have been discovered.

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Everyone is a jerk at some point. These people & pets just happened to be on camera.

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When a family has a sense of humor, Christmastime is the best time to showcase it.

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The yearbook committee is not amused.

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Online tech support seems like a pretty thankless job. These people make it a little worse for them. Check out some of the funniest (harmless) pranks pulled on IT!

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Once upon a time, cross stitching was a refined art reserved for fleur-de-lis and hearts. Nowadays, the art form is reserved for rap lyrics and “Breaking Bad” references.

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Yahoo! Answers is a forum for people’s questions. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of idiots that have a lot of questions. Luckily there’s a lot of smart alecks to answer.

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Remember those embarrassing childhood photos from when you were a kid? Apparently you do because you just trolled yourself. Check these out for Father’s Day.

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The following is the best in the art of trolling, the choicest bits of dads shutting down their children and family. It’s hilarious and, at times, borderline disturbing – just how we like it. Enjoy!

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Who says he’s uncontrollable? Heavy’s Sheen Machine makes you the master of Charlie’s mouth.

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