37 Years of SNL Infographic

Take a look back at Saturday Night Live’s 37 seasons and every cast member and host that has graced the stage of Studio 8H. From the very first episode with host George Carlin in 1975, up through its most recent episode with Mick Jagger.

Saturday Night Live: Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger hosts the season finale of Saturday Night Live and calls upon Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, and Jeff Beck to help with musical duties. You don’t get more superstar power than this, folks.

King of the Hell

This is your brain. This is your brain on propane. You’ve been warned, I’ll tell you what.

The Cleveland Show: B.M.O.C.

It’s homecoming weekend at Cleveland’s alma mater, so he volunteers to take Roberta on a college visit so he can relive his college days. But he gets a less-than-brotherly welcome from his fraternity chapter. Meanwhile, Rallo helps Cleveland Jr. learn to sleep without his beloved stuffed animal.

Family Guy: Leggo My Meg-O

Meg goes to Paris with her friend Ruth—and they’re promptly kidnapped by human traffickers. But Stewie just might have the sleuthing savvy and electronic wherewithal to find them. Brian joins him on the rescue mission.

The Simpsons: The Spy Who Learned Me

Homer embarrasses Marge at the movies during a film featuring superspy Stradivarius Cain, and his apologies fall on deaf ears.In an effort to become a better husband, he seeks help from someone he believes to be the real Stradivarius Cain.

Parks and Recreation: Win, Lose, or Draw

Election Day arrives in Pawnee, and the race between Leslie and Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd) is neck-and-neck. While waiting for the results, everyone reflects on what the future might bring.