A video from Russia called “Dancing Crap” shows a girl twerking her butt in tights when she farts. The camera holder loses it when her tights turn poo brown.

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Houston stripper and world-class twerker Jhonni Blaze claims Drake had his entourage kick down her door and threaten her life after a sex romp with the rap icon led to bitter jealously.

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Jessica Vanessa is most known for her big booty twerking Vines. Check out her twerking tutorial in Pan Pacific Park, which drew quite the crowd.

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Amber Rose definitely knows how to twerk and she’s letting us all know by posting a sexy video of herself on Instagram. Check it out.

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Helen Mirren went to Harvard to accept the Woman of the Year award and ended up twerking on stage. Watch the hilarious video.

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Guess who was twerking on a horse tonight … That’s right. Miley Cyrus. Check out the opening number of her MTV Unplugged show here.

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Twerking has been taken to a whole new life threatening level.

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Miley Cyrus raps about twerking and shakes her little butt in will.i.am’s new music video “Feelin’ Myself.” Check it out.

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Twerking has made its leap across the pond and the locals are quite pleased.

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Happy 21st Birthday to Miley Cyrus with 21 of her craziest moments right here. Check ‘em out!

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Nicki Minaj puts together a mock workout video called “Nicki Minaj’s Twerk Out” on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. Check it out.

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The twerk team goes trick-or-treating and their first house is a creaky old lady, or is it?

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You can now control Miley Cyrus and her spinal twerking!

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Yes, Most People Twerking Simultaneously is now a Guinness World Record to break.

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Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus have teamed up for a song on Miley’s upcoming album ‘Bangerz.’ Check out a sound clip and the cover art here.

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Twerk fail hoaxer Daphne Avalon is hot as hell. Check out the 20 hottest pictures of her we could find on Instagram.

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