British Islamic State jihadi propagandist Sally Jones, aka Umm Hussain al-Britani, returned briefly to Twitter today to harass New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi and threaten Central London.

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Following this morning’s suicide bombings at Zaventem airport and Maelbeek metro station in Brussels, Belgium, US presidential candidates have weighed in on the alleged Islamic State terrorism.

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After today’s attacks and suicide bombing at Zaventem airport and Maelbeek metro station in Brussels, Belgium, a French Islamic State affiliated Twitter account threatened further attacks.

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Kanye West attacked deadmau5 in a Twitter rant after the the electronic musician accused him of pirating software. See the tweets here.

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State, ISIS hacker terrorists share screen footage of their hackings of Facebook and Twitter accounts and threaten Mark Zuckerberg.

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Daniel was filmed in a series of short videos by his friend Josh, commenting on his clothes – most notably his “white Vans.” Check out these funny memes inspired by “Damn Daniel.”

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Valentines Day ideas for him & for her: Worst Valentine’s Day gifts to give your boyfriend or girlfriend. Read the tweets for these really bad V-day presents & cards.

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Clifford Durand posted a Twitter photo saying he would “smash” the laptop of fellow St. John’s University student Brianna Algazali over a Donald Trump sticker.

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Kanye West has created another uproar on Twitter, this time tweeting “Bill Cosby is innocent.” See the tweet and the reaction to it here.

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What did Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey say about the timeline? Is the Twitter algorithm going to change? Even trying to put fears to rest, some are still worried.

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You may get an error page when logging into Twitter that says “Something is technically wrong.” It doesn’t always mean the site’s down. Here’s what to do.

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Is Twitter changing its timeline? Will tweets not be chronological? What is CEO Jack Dorsey saying about the algorithm? Find out here, with photos.

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Will Twitter’s new algorithm be your default timeline or will you be able to choose if you want it or not? Find out the details here.

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#Snowzilla and #jonasblizzard are trending on Twitter as Winter Storm Jonas rages on. Check out the best tweets and Twitter photos.

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Otto Frederick Warmbier is a University of Virginia student from Cincinnati who has been detained by the North Korean government as an alleged spy.

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As the Islamic State continues to vie for power against al-Qaeda in North Africa, ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts have announced an online “Maghreb” campaign.

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