Martin Shhkreli has infamously made headlines once again, this time after strange tweets surfaced from his account featuring Teen Vogue journalist Lauren Duca.

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A video shared on Twitter shows Major General Issam Zahreddine of the Syrian Republican Guard touring the corpses of dozens of Islamic State militants killed in Deir ez-Zor, Syria.

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Twitter now allows users to mute accounts and conversation threads they don’t want to see tweets from. Additionally, it has expanded its reporting features.

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Journalists and other members of the Washington circle remembered PBS journalist Gwen Ifill on Twitter. The NewsHour anchor was 61.

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Why have people begun to wear safety pins after Donald Trump won the presidency? Who created the trend? Here’s a look at the latest social media trend.

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A viral Twitter video shared by Barzan Sadiq of Kurdistan24 alleges to show Iraqi Army soldiers outside of Mosul torturing then executing an Islamic State child soldier.

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Starbucks released their new holiday cups. See the designs here!

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Police have officially launched tear gas at Oakland protesters. Watch live as anti-trump protesters are gassed in Oakland.

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Seattle PD spoke on November 9 about the shooting that took place near a Trump rally. Watch the statement for information on victims, location and suspects.

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There was a mass shooting in Seattle near a Trump protest, but it isn’t believed to be related.

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With President-elect Trump coming into the White House in January 2017, voters are saying goodbye to Obama and his family after eight years in office with #ThankObamaIn4Words on Twitter.

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With a new president moving into the White House soon, people are saying goodbye to Obama. Some are more sad than others…

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As it became clear that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, celebrity Twitter users expressed shock and disappointment. Here’s a look at some of their reactions.

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Who is winning the presidential election? How can you track the election in real-time? How accurate are these methods? Everything you need to know.

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Twitter users took to the social network to have their voice heard, because we’re too fetch to vote for real candidates and want Regina George as POTUS.

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If Donald Trump becomes president, some celebrities have threatened to take extreme action by leaving the U.S., including Miley Cyrus and Cher.

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