It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the annual cancer campaign by major charities like Susan G. Komen to raise funds for research. Keep fighting, women!

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On September 18, Scotland will decide if it wants to cut ties with the United Kingdom or continue its union with England. Twitter is abuzz with memes about it.

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9/11, 9/11 Anniversary, Never Forget 9/11, 9/11 Celebrity Tweets, September 11th Anniversary, Remember 9/11, 9/11 Memorial, Twin Towers

It’s the anniversary of 9/11 and Twitter remembers those we lost on September 11th, 13 years ago. Have a look at some of the celebrities who have tweeted.

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Nick Jonas Striptease, Nick Jonas Stripping, Nick Jonas Dancing, Nick Jonas Gay Club, BPM Gay Club, Nick Jonas Hot, Nick Jonas Abs, Nick Jonas Shirtless

Nick Jonas stopped by gay club BPM last night for an abs-filled striptease, dancing for the crowd. Check out the videos here.

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Lauren Kitt, Nick Carter Wife, Nick Carter Married, Lauren Kitt Carter, I Heart Nick Carter, Nick Carter Reality Show, Nick Carter Wedding

The New Kids on the Block will be getting their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s a big day for NKOTB fans and “blockheads.”

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New State Mottos is a trend on Twitter where users are tweeting better, more relevant, and much funnier mottos for the United States’ states. See the memes here.

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The “Why I Stayed” and “Why I Left” social campaign is viral on Twitter to raise awareness of domestic violence, in response to Ray Rice punching his wife Janay.

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Ron Tully Sons Of Anarchy, Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Manson Sons Of Anarchy, Sons Of Anarchy Season 7, Sons Of Anarchy, Marilyn Manson Girlfriend, Lindsay Usich, Sons Of Anarchy Cast

Marilyn Manson plays “Ron Tully” on season 7 of Sons of Anarchy. Read the facts on his role, his girlfriend Lindsay Usich, and his fight with Courtney Love.

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#SOAFXPremiere, Sons Of Anarchy Premiere, Sons of Anarchy Spoilers, Sons of Anarchy Season 7, Sons of Anarchy Deaths

Check out the episode clips, spoilers, predicted deaths, and more for the Sons of Anarchy season 7 premiere, plus details on the cast from the whole season.

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Fashion Rocks, Fashion Rocks Concert 2014, Fashion Rocks Live Stream Video, Fashion Rocks Backstage, Watch Fashion Rocks Concert, Fashion Rocks Show

Check out the live stream video footage of the Fashion Rocks Concert, starting at 8:55 p.m. EST. JLo, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, & Usher are a few of the performers.

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