Ashley Burns and former Survivor star Michael Jefferson are the survivalists on Naked And Afraid. Check out all the facts on Michael and Ashley here.

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#SOAFXPremiere, Sons Of Anarchy Premiere, Sons of Anarchy Spoilers, Sons of Anarchy Season 7, Sons of Anarchy Deaths

Check out the episode clips, spoilers, predicted deaths, and more for the Sons of Anarchy season 7 premiere, plus details on the cast from the whole season.

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Fashion Rocks, Fashion Rocks Concert 2014, Fashion Rocks Live Stream Video, Fashion Rocks Backstage, Watch Fashion Rocks Concert, Fashion Rocks Show

Check out the live stream video footage of the Fashion Rocks Concert, starting at 8:55 p.m. EST. JLo, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, & Usher are a few of the performers.

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Apple is set to announce the specs and release date for the iPhone 6 today. Check out what the internet is saying on Twitter in memes about the newest phone.

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iWatch, iWatch Tweets, iWatch Twitter, iWatch Reactions, iWatch Jokes, iWatch Photos, iWatch Pics

The iPhone 6 and the iWatch are being unveiled by Apple today. Check out all the Twitter reactions, jokes, and photos for the big event.

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iPhone 6 Reactions, iPhone 6 Features, iPhone 6 Tweets, iPhone 6 Twitter, iPhone 6 Memes, iPhone 6 Photos, iPhone 6 Pics, iPhone 6 Jokes, iPhone 6 Apps

Are you ready for the iPhone 6 unveiling today? The Twitter reactions to the big launch event are in full swing. Check out the photos, memes, and jokes.

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