Lolo Jones’ performance on Dancing With the Stars was not great, and, unfortunately, it looks like she may be up for elimination. Read on.

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iWatch, iWatch Tweets, iWatch Twitter, iWatch Reactions, iWatch Jokes, iWatch Photos, iWatch Pics

The iPhone 6 and the iWatch are being unveiled by Apple today. Check out all the Twitter reactions, jokes, and photos for the big event.

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iPhone 6 Reactions, iPhone 6 Features, iPhone 6 Tweets, iPhone 6 Twitter, iPhone 6 Memes, iPhone 6 Photos, iPhone 6 Pics, iPhone 6 Jokes, iPhone 6 Apps

Are you ready for the iPhone 6 unveiling today? The Twitter reactions to the big launch event are in full swing. Check out the photos, memes, and jokes.

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Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Finale Spoilers, Teen Wolf Finale 2014, Teen Wolf Finale Death, Who Dies On Teen Wolf Finale

On the finale of Teen Wolf, we all expected a big character death scene. Read on for the recap to see if your favorite stars made it through …

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Bachelor In Paradise, Bachelor In Paradise Finale, Bachelor In Paradise Finale Schedule, Bachelor In Paradise Time

For those of you searching for the “Bachelor In Paradise” finale on TV, but all you see is Monday Night Football, we’ve got the schedule answers for you …

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Masterchef, Masterchef 2014, Masterchef Contestants, Masterchef Cast, Masterchef Top 5, Masterchef Competition, Masterchef Photos, Masterchef Pics, Masterchef Winner

Check out the Top 5 contestants on Masterchef 2014 to see who the competition has narrowed it down to … Who will be the winner?

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