UW-Madison’s Twitter page was hacked. Read the tweets on the University of Wisconsin-Madison page.

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Is Twitter down right now? Downdetector is showing multiple reports.

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Last year, the #StarbucksRedCup outrage started a social media trend, giving birth to the #WarOnChristmas argument. This year, is it more of the same?

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A video shared on Twitter alleges to show Turkish soldiers with 2 female PKK prisoners of war. They throw one woman off a cliff and execute the other point blank.

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Photos shared by a Middle Eastern war watchdog show the corpse of an Islamic State child “soldier” killed after fighting American Coalition forces near Mosul, Iraq.

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Twitter announced today that Vine is shutting down. If you loved Vine, here are some alternatives for making and sharing short-form videos.

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Twitter shut the doors on Vine today, leaving everyone pining for the 6-second videos. What are Twitter users saying?

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With Vine closing, many people are wondering what will happen to their content and how to download and save their videos on the Twitter mobile app.

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Some are wondering whether the hacking group PoodleCorp might be behind the massive DDoS cyber attack that disabled prominent sites like Twitter and Netflix.

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A massive hacker attack took out Twitter, Spotify and other major internet sites Friday morning, mainly on the U.S. east coast.

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The #TrumpBookReport hashtag trended on Twitter Thursday after Donald Trump’s performance in the final presidential debate.

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Paul McLaughlin, a journalism professor, has come forward to allege that Natasha Stoynoff told him at the time about her allegations against Donald Trump.

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Which candidate prefers an iPhone, and which prefers Android? A person’s choice of smartphone can say a lot about their personality — and, according to a recent study, their honesty. Which would you chose?

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Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant Tuesday morning, suggesting that the ‘shackles’ have been taken off after Paul Ryan decided to stop campaigning for him.

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Kenneth Bone, a questioner at the second presidential debate, quickly became a meme on Twitter, in part because of his distinctive red sweater.

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Ben & Jerry’s released a statement in support of Black Lives Matter. Twitter had fun with #BenAndJerrysNewFlavor. Check out the best here.

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