Meet Rod Durham, tonight’s participant on “Extreme Weight Loss.” Check out his incredible journey right here.

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hte Jarod, RIP hte Jarod, hte Jarod Dead, hte Jarod Death, hte Jarod Died, hte Jarod Strangled, hte Jarod Killed

The hashtag #RIPhtejarod is trending on Twitter, along with graphic photos of Viner hte Jarod supposedly being strangeled to death.

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Break Free Video, Ariana Grande Video, Break Free Music Video Ariana Grande, Break Free By Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s new music video “Break Free” was just released on Vevo. Watch it right here.

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Lauren Bacall, RIP Lauren Bacall, Lauren Bacall Dead, Lauren Bacall Stroke, Lauren Bacall Death, Lauren Bacall Died

The iconic Lauren Bacall has died of a massive stroke. Have a look at some of the heartfelt tweets remembering the star.

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Tyga And Blac Chyna Broken Up, Blac Chyna Break Up, Blac Chyna And Tyga Break Up, Blac Chyna Split, Tyga Split, Blac Chyna And Tyga Baby

Tyga and baby mama Blac Chyna have reportedly broken up. Read on for the facts on their relationship as well as the break up.

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Mrs. Doubtfire Cast, Mrs. Doubtfire 2, Robin Williams Mrs. Doubtfire, Mrs. Doubtfire Cast Reactions To Robin Williams Death

Robin Williams’ death has rocked the world, especially his friends in Hollywood. Have a look at the sad reactions from his fellow Mrs. Doubtfire cast.

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Check in here for all the info on any funeral plans, memorial service details, and tributes to honor the amazing Robin Williams. RIP.

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Zelda Rae Williams, Zelda Williams, Robin Williams Daughter Zelda Rae Williams, Robin Williams Children, Robin Williams Kids

Zelda Rae Williams, the daughter of Robin Williams, has posted a tweet dedicated to her dad since the news of his suicide has gone public.

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Valerie Velardi, Robin Williams Ex Valerie Velardi, Robin Williams Ex-Wife Valerie Velardi, RIP Robin Williams, Robin Williams Kids, Robin WIlliams Death

Valerie Velardi is the ex-wife of Robin Williams who died today in an apparent suicide. Valerie is also the mother to their son Zachary. Read on for details.

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robin williams

Celebrities expressed their reactions about the death of their beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams on Twitter.

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Zelda Rae Williams, Zelda Williams, Robin Williams Daughter Zelda Rae Williams, Robin Williams Children, Robin Williams Kids

Robin Williams has tragically died in a possible suicide, leaving behind his daughter Zelda Rae Williams and his other two kids Cody and Zachary.

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Ben Scott Girlfriend Lindsay Higgins, Ben Scott, Bachelor In Paradise Ben Scott, Ben Scott Bachelor In Paradise, Ben Scott Son, Ben Scott Bachelorette

On tonight’s Bachelor In Paradise, Marcus finds a love letter from Ben Scott’s girlfriend Lindsay Higgins … Uh oh. Big spoiler as Ben leaves the show.

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